KASHKA is the ever-evolving dreamy pop project of Toronto based musician Kat Burns. Burns has never been one to sit still- over the last decade she has been slowly creating an extensive body of work that stretches between genres but keeps her unique songwriting nestled in the centre.

Her latest offering ‘soft’ is due in February 2021 and is a pillowy dreamscape of songs marking the time the world stopped to listen harder. Written over the last few months of 2020, ‘soft’ was recorded produced and mixed entirely by Burns herself, partially out of necessity (it’s a pandemic, after all) and partially to hone her skills. Her skills have been getting a good workout since she completed a prestigious residency at the Canadian Film Centre and began to incorporate film scoring into her career. Most recently she scored a beautiful folkloric short film Lola’s Wake [directed by Tricia Hagoriles] which won the WIFT-T award at Reel Asian Film Festival in 2020. Her music has also been featured in television shows like Killjoys, Kim’s Convenience, Amazon originals and more.

In her “down-time” Kat illustrates, maintains a voice-over career, and publishes videos on her YouTube channel. Not one to sit still, indeed.