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We are creating two deluxe Triple-Vinyl song compilations featuring Ontario & British Columbia-based artists. Each compilation will feature 33 tracks by 33 musicians from their respective province, with each artist receiving $999.

We are inviting musicians from Ontario and British Columbia to submit their song for consideration and music lovers to support our cause by pre-ordering the 33.3 albums!


With music festivals cancelled, studios, live venues, and record stores closed, COVID-19 has been devastating for musicians and the teams around them. 

In an effort to support musicians, we are creating two Triple-Vinyl deluxe compilations featuring Ontario & British Columbia Artists. 33.3 will pay each of the selected artists $999 for a one-time, non-exclusive license of their song to use in the compilation. Our net proceeds from sales of the album will flow back to community arts organizations such as Darkspark, MusicTogether, and SoundOn

Spanning all genres, the songs on “33.3” will be curated by a diverse selection of writers, journalists, poets, artists, and many more. Curators will also contribute to the liner notes and jacket art. Every piece of the chain will be 100% Canadian made. 

We are currently accepting applications for 33.3 Ontario and 33.3 British Columbia. Artists can apply here. The song must be an original composition, no longer than 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Ideally, this is a track from a planned release that has been delayed or otherwise impacted by the cancellation of touring and disruptions in its release.

Please tell all of the artists in your life — and if you are one, what are you waiting for?


We are doing special bulk-presale offers now

Once we hit 1333 orders, we go to press. Pre-order to help us reach our goal faster so we can get the funds back to the artists and support our local community arts organizations.  Even if you don’t own a turntable, there is no better gift for your friends, family, colleagues, and customers.

33.3 Album – British Columbia

33.3 Album – Ontario

*Order 6 or more for free shipping in Canada!

Art shown is for Mock-up purposes only – final graphics will be commissioned by local artists in each province. For more info or interest reach out to art@33dot3.ca

For musicians, the arrival of COVID-19 came as a second cataclysm, the first being music-streaming services’ triumph 5 years ago over other ways of delivering our songs. Within a year or two, the 40% of our income that once came from radio royalties and music sales had vanished, as sites such as Spotify exploded in popularity. These sites pay us an abysmally low royalty rate for our music. My band, “Stars”, had more than 9 million streams on Spotify last year. Our royalties from that service amounted to less than $35,000. And we split that 6  ways. Minus management fees. Minus taxes. For 9 million streams of our music. So we had grown accustomed to the sky falling.

Torquil Campbell | Singer & Songwriter


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General Inquiries: info@33dot3.ca


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