Erin Ashley Lowers

For the past decade, Erin has spent her time diving into the worlds of music journalism, digital content creation, and festival programming with the hopes of pushing the Canadian music community, specifically Black music (Hip-Hop and R&B), to the forefront of the entertainment industry. Her written work has been featured nationally and internationally with the likes of Noisey, Red Bull, Complex, HotNewHipHop, United Masters, and of course, Exclaim! Magazine where she was the Hip-Hop Editor for several years until recently when COVID took its toll.

The most recent additions to Erin’s career in the music industry include her work as an interview producer and researcher for the Emmy and Peabody-award winning Netflix series Hip-Hop Evolution, and as well as putting a foot down in the digital streaming world through YouTube Music. She currently works as a freelance music journalist and within the digital streaming realm.